Encoding Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University

Sean Ahlquist presented the research "Exploration and Fidelity in Material Computation: Evolutionary Means for the Articulation of Textile Morphologies" at the Encoding Architecture Conference at Carnegie Mellon University on 8 February 2013.


Material computation, in exploring differentiated textile morphologies, posits the fidelity of process as the degree by which the matrices of formation:operation and material:behavior are negotiated. In this case, negotiation is of a material’s fibrous organization to the imposition of structural forces. While a state of structural equilibrium is the desired homeostatic condition, the defining performance in is the articulation of spatially differentiated architectures. Prototyping, as an agent of process and material form via means both virtual and real, provides a construct by which the computation of fundamental behaviors can be transferred into instrumentalized specific material operators.