ACADIA 2016 Conference at University of Michigan

The annual ACADIA Conference is being held at the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture in 2016. Sean Ahlquist is serving as a co-chair for the Technical Committee of the conference, along with Kathy Velikov and Matias del Campo. The conference takes place 27-29 October 2016.


POSTHUMAN FRONTIERS: DATA, DESIGNERS AND COGNITIVE MACHINES will foster design work and research from the worlds of practice and academia that lie at the intersection between procedural design, designed environments and autonomous machines. More specifically, this conference will seek to explore recent work within the current trend in computational design to develop and apply quasi-cognitive machines; the integration of software, information, fabrication and sensing to generate mechanisms for interfacing with the physical realm. The conference will invite the submission of papers and projects that explore and interrogate these questions through interdisciplinary endeavors involving fields such as material science, biology, art, computer graphics, civil engineering, and human-computer interaction.


Sean Ahlquist