A Conversation with Sean Ahlquist on Archinect

Assistant Professor Sean Ahlquist was interviewed this week for Archinect’s  LAX >< DET “Mini-Sessions,” a series of conversations with architects and designers in LA and Detroit. The series is in partnership with the Los Angeles Design Festival and is in collaboration with the annual Detroit Design Festival and the L.A. Forum for Architecture and Design. This year’s Los Angeles Design Festival which will be taking place in Downtown L.A. from June 8 to 11th, 2017. Archinect’s Paul Petrunia talks with Ahlquist about architectural education and his work merging new technologies with innovative applications of architecture and material research in his Lab for Material Architectures.

Listen to the full interview here: http://archinect.com/news/article/150010441/archinect-lax-det-mini-sessions-a-conversation-with-sean-ahlquist-detroit-based-architect-educator-and-researcher