sensoryPLAYSCAPE[2] Technology-Embedded Textile Hybrid Prototype

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This project was developed through funding from the AIA Upjohn Research Initiative grant "Morphable Surfaces" and the University of Michigan interdisciplinary MCubed seed-funding grant "Tactile interfaces and environments for developing motor skills and social interaction in children with autism."

Principal Investigators
Sean Ahlquist, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan - Architecture
Costanza Colombi, Research Assistant Professor, University of Michigan - Psychiatry
Dale Ulrich, Professor, University of Michigan - Kinesiology
Leah Ketcheson, Post-doctoral Student, University of Michigan - Kinesiology

Architecture: Oliver Popadich, Shahida Sharmin, Adam Wang, Tiffany Cho
Kinesiology: Erin Almony, Erika Goodman

Mark Burke, Director, Spectrum Therapy Center, Ann Arbor
Julian Lienhard, Structural Engineer, str.ucture, Germany
Onna Solomon, Director of Learning and Development, PLAY Project, Ann Arbor