HOPES[22] Response at University of Oregon

Sean Ahlquist has been invited to give a keynote presentation at the HOPES[22] Conference at the University of Oregon on Friday 8 April, 2016.


The HOPES conferences are organized by the students of the school of architecture. This year's conference focuses on the theme of Response:

Access to information is rapidly becoming a global standard for the first time in history. This super-connected network of minds is accelerating the speed of human innovation. Nevertheless, changing environmental conditions are reaching a crisis point, and even large scale responses can take years to have any effect. The decisions we make now will have lasting repercussions. How do we respond?


Based upon Ahlquist's presentation at the HOPES[22] Conference, this article was written by Blaine Brownell on the topic of focusing material research on applications for social good:

Material Research with a Social Focus