MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix, AZ

Sean Ahlquist will present at the Material Research Society (MRS) Spring Meeting 2018 in Symposium MA05—Dynamic Materials and Textiles for Next-Generation Clothing.

Tactile Interfaces for Socio-Spatial Architectures, 03 April 2018, 1:30PM, MRS Spring Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona  

Session Topic
Adaptive wearable materials and textiles that modify their properties based on the environment or needs of the wearer represent an emerging and challenging scientific frontier. Such systems have the potential to impact many aspects of daily life in applications ranging from personal thermal regulation to physical support to personalized biometric monitoring. The development of these systems presents a complex set of interdisciplinary challenges, with considerations that include materials design, hierarchical integration, control strategies, manufacturing, personal comfort, and aesthetic appeal. Surmounting these challenges necessitates an interdisciplinary approach and contributions from academia, government, and industry. This symposium will bring together members of the aforementioned communities in an interdisciplinary forum, with a specific emphasis on the key role of materials scientists in the development of next-generation clothing. The technical topics will include the design and characterization of novel materials; the engineering and integration of devices for biosensing, diagnostics, actuation, and drug delivery; and the development and optimization of textiles and fibers with integrated electrical, optical, and mechanical functionality. The symposium will focus not only on the development of new materials, devices, and fabrics, but also on the considerations associated with transitioning these new materials from the laboratory to commercial products. In addition, we will discuss technology transfer issues, as relevant for new classes of high-tech materials and products being developed across academia and industry. The overall goal will be to foster the sharing of ideas between traditionally disparate communities that approach this exciting area from distinct perspectives.