Big Umbrella Festival

Sean Ahlquist will be presenting his work in dynamic multisensory environments for children with autism at the Arts & Autism Symposium as a part of the Big Umbrella Festival.

Socio-Sensory Architecture, 19 April 2018, Lincoln Center - Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse, New York City

How can the power of the arts be harnessed to impact young people on the autism spectrum—as audience members and artists?

Join Lincoln Center Education as we investigate and discuss the ways in which leaders from around the world are harnessing the power of the arts—including theater, film, digital media, and architectural installation—to open up new experiences for children with autism and their families. Featuring a keynote presentation, panel discussion, video, and conversation, participants will join leaders in the field to explore best practices, analyze successes, and identify the challenges related to artistic work that impact the autism community at large.